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I grew up in a small unincorporated part of Adams County, Colorado.  My family went through an upheaval after my Dad suffered the first of many strokes when I was just 10 years old.  My Mom went back into the workforce at that time to earn extra income for my family.  Times were tough for my family but the challenges we faced as a family helped prepare me for the years ahead.

My wife, Silvia Martina (Martha), and I were married in 1987 and moved to California after we finished up our respective college degrees.  We missed Colorado but soon fell in love with the San Francisco Bay Area.

I soon followed my dream to become a National Park Ranger, serving at Rocky Mountain, Mount Rainier, Everglades, and North Cascades National Parks, wrapping up the last 14 years of a 27-year career at Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  During my career as a law enforcement ranger, I ended up saving many lives, gave comfort at the end to those who didn’t make it, survived two lightning strikes, fought off both a bear and an alligator attack, was hospitalized 15 times from line of duty injuries, worked to provide visitor safety during hurricanes in Florida, blizzards in Washington and flooding in California.  Through it all, I was truly honored to work and live in some of the most beautiful National Parks in our country, as well as working with men and women who performed heroic acts every single day.

My wife and I were indeed blessed when our son, Sean, was born in 2002.  Watching him grow up, attend the local public schools, develop his passion for music, and become the young man he is today have been the best years of my life.

When I approached mandatory retirement as a ranger, I needed to continue serving others.  The choice was an easy one.  Colma, the town I had lived in with my family the previous 13 years, had become more than a home for us.  We were welcomed into the town when we first moved in and soon felt we were part of a family.   We signed up for almost every Recreation Department class and trip offered and volunteered at every opportunity we could to help the town.  I ran for and was elected as a Town of Colma councilmember in 2016.

The past 4 years have been exciting and rewarding.  This year has been challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing.  The resultant closures of businesses and people being laid off has affected cities and towns nationwide.  In Colma, we have had to use budget reserves at the end of the previous fiscal year and into this fiscal year as well.  The pandemic has also forced us to cancel all of our beloved Recreation Department classes as well as town-wide events this year.  We will make it through this pandemic and economic downturn together though.  I will continue to fight for this Town and its residents with no less resolve than when I was a ranger fighting to save peoples lives.  Know that by electing me again that I will continue to serve everyone in this town.   

My top 3 priorities  for the upcoming term are:

-I will continue to lead my Town through the pandemic and into the recovery that follows.

-I will ensure our Town remains inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

-I will continue to fight for our family run businesses and to ensure the long term financial health of our Town through increased   business diversification.  


John Goodwin

1357 Mission Rd

Colma, CA 94080-1215


​Tel: (650) 270-0509​

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